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    SHUN SHIGN Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1986, has earned its reputation in the world by producing the bicycle’s drive components & parts, goods, OP crank, chain wheel and BBP, etc. When looking into the prospective future and reviewing the past, we are very proud of the development and accomplishment we made all the way for so many years. The head office is sited at Wu Feng in the central part of Taiwan while the wholly-owned branch factories are established at Gou Rong City, Hua Yang Township and Yang Mei separately in Jiang Su Province of China. The local factory in Taiwan with an area of 8000 m2 occupied and a first throughput realizable is able to produce more than 5 million sets of product every year that have been marketing all over the world.

    Since the establishment of company, SHUN SHIGN have been adhering to a spirit of unremitting development and innovation, introducing a precision die design and fabrication, and taking the CNC automatic lathe, press forming, cold forging & hot forging fabrication, heat treatment and conductance technology as the foundation of support plus the aid of fully stand-alone flow process of production; that transfer SHUN SHIGN from an enterprise oriented toward the industrial products to an enterprise closely related to the demand of consumers.

    SHUN SHIGN, with the richly accumulated experiences in professional design and ODM/OEM for more than 23 years, is able to provide a real-time sample for engineering sample run that can access a quick introduction of mass production, offer a flexible and reliable production that varies with the requirements from different customer; and that is the reason why so many international leading factories confidently recognize and approbate the products/services from SHUN SHIGN.

    SHUN SHIGN sincerely hopes that you can use the contact form or phone call to consult with us for our variety lines of product; we also welcome you to become our firm partner around the world. Our sales representatives are very happy at your service.
  • Shun-Shing Industry Co., Ltd.
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  • No. 53, Szu Tes Souht Rd., Wu Feng Hsiang, Taichung Hsien 413, Taiwan
    (04) 2333-2756
    • Shun-Shing Industry Co., Ltd.
    • No. 53, Szu Tes Souht Rd., Wu Feng Hsiang, Taichung Hsien 413, Taiwan
    • (04) 2333-2756
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